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Petionnaire brings together pet lovers from all over the world on a single shared platform. Designed to be intuitive and fun to use, pet owners can engage with other pet owners anytime and anywhere.


Have a Pet Related Question?

Petionnaire is an excellent place to post a question regarding your pet. Immediately you will be tapping into the shared knowledge and experience of the thousands of other pet owners that are members of the site.

From what to do if your dog ate chocolate, to how to trim a cat’s claws comfortably and safely from home, you will find the answer to your questions from the best sources out there — your fellow pet owners!

Likewise, you can review questions posted by other pet owners and if you feel that you have the answer, or maybe just a tip that will help them out, you to can share your pet knowledge with the world.

More than Just Questions and Answers

Petionnaire goes beyond just being a question and answer forum, it actually fosters a lively, fun and friendly community of pet owners. Pet issues can be discussed freely, opinions exchanged and lessons learned. It is a great source for staying abreast of pet news and trends. Whether you are a dog, cat, bird, fish or even reptile owner/parent, Petionnaire gets you connected with others that share your love for your little friend.

There is even a section for something that ALL pet owners like to do — share pictures of their pets.

The “Go To” Place for All Things Pets

Petionnaire is:

  • Excellent as a pet information resource
  • ¬†Convenient as a vibrant platform to discuss casual or in depth pet issues and tips
  • A fun place to interact with a community that love their pets as much as you love your own