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Petionnaire brings together pet lovers from all over the world on a single shared platform. Designed to be intuitive and fun to use, pet owners can engage with other pet owners anytime and anywhere.

About Us

We at Petionnaire like to see ourselves as a genuine community. Founded by pet lovers for fellow pet lovers, our entire and platform is geared toward making pet owners feel welcome. We realize that the needs of each individual pet are different. They will vary by species, age and sex; just as by geographic location, weather and habitat. Cat owners, for example, will know that the same question regarding a five-year-old outdoor cat will likely have a different answer if it involves a 14 year old indoor cat.

Other pet-related sites and forums strive for a “one size fits all” strategy. We at Petionnaire prefer a more nuanced approach. That is why we built our platform around the formation of a community. Being pet owners ourselves, we know how invaluable the input and knowledge of other like minded people can be.

It is one thing to read generic tips about how to care for a dog with arthritis or hip dysplasia, and it is another to read advice from a fellow dog owner that is living through the same situation. In the end, it is the bonding that comes from that shared love and experience with a pet that will yield more timely and sound advice.

We can all agree that professional veterinary advice is essential to our pets’ health. However, we can also relate to how one dog owner talking to another dog owner can help them both recognize a potential health issue with their dog long before they even thought a visit to the vet was merited.

Likewise, we all know the joy and pride that we feel when another pet owner recognizes and praises how well behaved our dog acts, or how cute our cat looks, or how pristine our aquarium is. We also know how good we feel when we can help others with our knowledge by guiding them toward being more informed pet owners. Yes, a community can be a very powerful thing.

To be honest, that is what we are at Petionnaire — a vibrant and friendly community of pet owners. Some of us may be old hands with decades of experience in caring for our pets; others may be adopting a puppy or kitten for the very first time. Regardless, all pet owner/parents are welcome here.

We invite you to become a member of the Petionnaire family along with your pet. Join our community and ask, answer, comment or just browse — see us as the comfy cushion by the fireplace for pet owners.